Conference introduction

Conference introduction

image.jpegThe China Satellite Application Conference is an international conference that has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign industries in the field of satellite applications in my country. It is the largest annual event with the largest amount of information and scale. The conference includes theme reports, equipment exhibitions, satellite technology lectures, and roundtable discussions. It is an open platform for the industry to discuss the development direction of applications such as satellite communications, satellite broadcasting, satellite remote sensing, and navigation and positioning. From 1999 to 2021, China Satellite Application Conference and China Satellite Industry have grown together for 23 years!


With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 2022 China Satellite Application Conference will be held in Beijing New Century Hotel from December  12th to December  14th, and an "exhibition" will be held at the same time. The theme of this year's Satellite Conference is "The Satellite Application Industry in China's New Infrastructure Layout."

The important mission of the China Satellite Application Conference is to bring together the information resources and network resources of satellite users in multiple fields and industries, to achieve the integration of the supply and marketing system of the vertical industrial chain of satellite applications, and to meet the needs of horizontal information exchange between various industrial chains. At that time, the competent leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Space Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, and the State Radio Administration will give keynote speeches on the development, policy, planning, and industrial chain of satellite applications in my country, and many well-known domestic and foreign experts and enterprises will give keynote speeches. Technical, operational and market analysis reports.

Another important mission of the China Satellite Application Conference is to attract more domestic and foreign industry leaders to participate and promote the passionate collision between the most advanced international technology and the most dynamic domestic enterprises. At that time, the International Satellite Organization, senior satellite experts, well-known domestic and foreign companies, satellite equipment manufacturers, operators, network service providers, as well as from broadcasting, communications, military, public security, transportation, electric power, water conservancy, coal, oil, banking, securities, Users and professional media in many fields such as science and technology, medical care, education, environment, meteorology, navigation, etc. participated in the conference.

Relevant manufacturers are sincerely invited to participate in the conference and exhibition, and friends from all walks of life are welcome to come!

Concurrent Exhibition: China International Satellite Application Technology and Equipment Exhibition

The 2022 China International Satellite Application Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held from December  12th to December  14th, 2022 (concurrently with the 2022 China Satellite Application Conference) in the China Hall on the second floor and the Century Hall on the third floor of Beijing New Century Hotel (exhibition area of 1500 Square meters), set up special exhibition area and standard exhibition area (see booth map for details). There will be a number of well-known Chinese and foreign companies, satellite operators, VSAT operators, satellite manufacturers, business system integrators, satellite communication antennas, mobile communication equipment, portable satellite communication stations, etc. to showcase the latest satellite equipment, application systems and scientific and technological achievements.