Meeting agenda

Meeting agenda

Regulation ,Policies and Plan of Satellite Development


  • The Planning and Layout of China Aerospace Industry

  • China Satellite Broadcasting Development and Value Chain

  • Development Planning of Earth Observation and Navigation

  • Worldwide New Progress of Satellite Mobile Communication Services

  • Satcom development in Asia-Pacific areas

  • Regulation and Policies of Satellite Application in China

  • Policy Trends of World and Chinese Satellite Broadcasting

  • Satellite DTV standards and evolvement

  • Licensing and management of STB manufacture in China

  • Progress of DBS abroad – model, regulation & development

  • Value-added service of DBS

Satellite Communication


  • Satellite Communications in comprehensive application, new technology development or operation

  • New Progress of Satellite Mobile Communication Services

  • The Important Effect of Satellite in “Village-to-Village Communication Project”

  • Technological Development VSAT Applications

  • The New Development of Satellite ‘Connection in Moving’ (Dong-Zhong-Tong) Antenna Technology

  • Radio Intergration with Satellite (development of LTE satellite and mobile communications)

  • Progress of Homemade Communication Satellite products

  • Business Model of the next 10-year Satellite Operation

  • New Progress of Satellite Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting

Satellite Broadcasting


  • The Operation Traits and Industry Chain of Multimedia Mobile Satcom Service

  • China DBS Operation Modes, Business Development, Services and security requirements

  • Technology Standard, Transmission System, Source Coding and Conditional Receiving Technology of China DBS

  • The development of China’s DTV and DAB

  • IPTV and Satellite Communication and Broadcasting

  • Market Division and Interactive Development of Mobile TV、CMMB and Satellite TV

  • DBS Satellite STB chip/chip-set technology and providers

  • Value-added service of DBS (technical approach, analysis, calculation, development & requirement)

  • New Progress of GPS and GLONNAS system

Satellite Remote Sensing and GPS


  • New Progress of European Galileo Program and Sino-Europe cooperation

  • Features of Chinese “Bei-Dou” positioning system and its application

  • Fundamental database & applications on Astronautical, aeronautical remote sensing, national mapping

  • Remote Sensing map application (Google earth)

  • New Progress of China Lunar Mission and its Future

  • New development and services of LEO/MEO constellations

Comprehensive Applications of Satellite

  • Satcom Application for Modern Distance Education and Distance Learning in Health

  • Improving comprehensive disaster reduction capability using modern satellite technologies

  • The application of satellite communication in modern distance education and telemedicine

  • Implementation Plan for Improving the National Comprehensive Disaster Reduction Ability by Using Modern Satellite Technology